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TrueCar in the news.

Hyundai wants to improve performance cred

“They have steadily improved their content, technology and design,” said Eric Lyman, main industry analyst at TrueCar Inc. “The next phase of the brand’s transformation will come down to product execution, including ride, handling and performance.”

Automotive News | June 13, 2015

Revving up TrueCar’s digital business with open source technology

In one of the first opportunities to get an inside look at a business built on technology and data, I recently had an enjoyable conversation with Russell Foltz-Smith, VP data platform at TrueCar.

Diginomica | June 12, 2015

The Chicken Tax

“This 25 percent tariff is being used, in a way, as a bargaining chip that benefits U.S. trade negotiators as they seek other concessions from other nations in other industries. So it may very well be that from an industry standpoint, there’s no real love or need for it. I believe that’s the case. I want to believe that’s the case in my heart. But it’s really a tool – a bargaining chip – for U.S. trade negotiators to affect a better total outcome across many industries.”

NPR | June 12, 2015

Auto sales booming – But are automakers pricing cars out of reach

According to TrueCar, the average transaction price of a BMW rose 6.5% in May, year-over-year, compared to just 2.3% for the typical Toyota.

The Detroit Bureau | June 10, 2015

In New York and LA, New Startup Communities Flourish

The density of the population in New York allows it to be the home to social/location-based companies like Foursquare and PlaceIQ as well as building/space startups such as WeWork,BoxBee, and MakeSpace. Because LA is more spread out, and everybody owns a car, companies like TRUECar and Cargomatic have been able to thrive.

TechCrunch | June 8, 2015

Subaru sells out: Will a fast growing carmaker decide to stay small?

Krafcik at TrueCar says the company could easily sell at least another 300,000 cars a year, based on how many people are searching for Subaru online. “Most automakers would have moved sooner,” he says. “To me, it looks like they’re OK with having this capacity constraint.”

Bloomberg Business | June 8, 2015

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