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In online ads, it’s Google, Facebook and then who?

TrueCar can offer prime placement to manufacturers with the most alluring deals, but the company only gets paid when a transaction is completed. So while Google and Facebook provide targeting, and TV ads enable brand promotion, TrueCar promises something entirely different: accountability.

CNBC | April 16, 2015

Used Sales Help Fuel Strong Dealer Profit Outlook

“Improved inventory means we can expect a stellar year for the used market — and particularly for certified pre-owned vehicles,” said Larry Dominique, TrueCar’s executive vice president and president of ALG, TrueCar’s residual value data unit.

Auto Remarketing | April 15, 2015

Skyrocketing Sales Could Hurt Luxury Car Makers

How do Germany’s car bosses deal with that potential stigma? Lately, they’ve just made more varieties of car. In the past 10 years, the number of luxury model lines in the U.S. has surged 26 percent, to 90 in total, according to TrueCar, an online car-shopping platform. That number doesn’t account for such further variations as different body styles or hybrid engines. (Although it’s grown a bit dated, Car and Driver designed a fascinating family tree of luxury brands a couple of years ago.)

Bloomberg News | April 14, 2015

The Truth IS Profitable

It’s a natural reaction. When you think someone is lying, you tend to act cautiously, skeptically analyzing their words for clues to their motivations. In business, the impediment resulting from a lack of trust is simply defined as “friction.” And, friction is expensive. It creates wear on a system. This is as true for car engines as it is for business transactions. With engines, the goal of greater speed and efficiency are achieved through the elimination of friction.

The Huffington Post | April 14, 2015

Kia’s new bosses have tough act to follow

“There’s been a consistent revolving door of American executives, but they really seem to like Michael,” Dominique said. “He’s one of the most humble and modest executives in the industry; he tends to stay under the radar a little bit. He just wants to do a good job, and I think the Koreans are recognizing it.”

Automotive News | April 13, 2015

TrueCar President John Krafcik discusses the future impact of millennials on the industry

One of the event’s speakers was TrueCar President John Krafcik, who discussed the impact of millennials on today’s and tomorrow’s dealerships. Russell Brown spoke to Krafcik about the oncoming boom of sales to this growing segment.

CBT | April 13, 2015

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