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As Gas Prices Drop, Hybrid Sales Shift Into Low Gear

Recent News + October 17, 2014

That relationship between gas prices and sales is “rather remarkable,” says John Krafcik, president of the website TrueCar. “During months when gas prices are low, less fuel-efficient cars tend to take a greater share of the market and vice versa. …

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5 Luxury Cars That Big-Spending Buyers Should Splurge on Right Now

Recent News + October 10, 2014

With help from the folks at TrueCar we found five …

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Large SUVs Register Big Gains as Gas Prices Fall

“It’s quite rare to see the price of a type …

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Gas Prices Fail to Sustain Hybrid Demand As Consumers Energize Full-Size Pickup Sales

“If you were to turn back the clock seven years, …

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